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#Wearthechange for the planet.

Elizabeth marin

Posted on November 10 2020

Tips to move towards a sustainable fashion


How do we change and start being more conscious about how and where we consume fashion? Since this a major mindset shift it could be a kind of painful process, but we guarantee it is worth it, not just for you but for the planet. This process starts with tiny steps focusing in these 5 aspects:


 - Make your closet worth: 

Buy quality over quantity, this might require a higher investment but in the long term you will save on compulsive worthless shopping from fast fashion brands, plus good brands and quality allow you to resell what you don’t wear anymore, extending the life of products and regain a part of the money invested.

You can choose between 10 pairs of cheap trendy jeans, outdated after a month that you will probably wear just a couple of times, because of the quality after a few washes, versus two pairs of good quality jeans that you really appreciate and take care of and therefore will stay in your closet for a longer period.


preowned luxury products, closet

 Photo from Pinterest.


- Buy organic, sustainable, and ethical:

Nowadays the offer is vast and diverse. When buying new clothes please make a responsible choice remembering that it’s not just about the price on the tag, but the workers that made it, the materials, and the production process behind it.

It doesn’t have to be a scary thought and an extra thing that you have to worry about (because we have enough with our personal life, right?) but is a matter of getting used to understand the true cost of the things we consume. With time this gets easier and eventually it becomes as natural as choosing in the supermarket aisle in between that unhealthy product you don’t consume or your favorite organic brand.


- Give a try to pre-loved items:

Later, in our next post we will make a deeper analysis on why we are so passionate about pre-loved and recycled fashion, but this is one of the most important ways to make a huge change in the way we buy fashion and the impact it has on the environment.

Buying pre-loved will allow you to get the most out of your budget and be part of the circular economy where products are continually reborn, reused and truly recycled. The idea is that in a perfect world nothing should go in the trash can.

 This applies also for reselling what you don’t use anymore, on our website you can buy amazing pieces at fantastic prices, but also you can make your closet worth by selling those items you don’t wear anymore. That is why at the end of the day, buying superior quality is always an investment allowing you to update your closet whenever you want, without spending much more or throwing anything into the bin #NoWasteTheNewTaste.


Second hand luxury, preowned luxury
Source: Monlux.ch

 Pre-loved items from our online shop


- Renting for special occasions:

In addition to pre-loved. The share economy has lots to offer through different rental shops, that nowadays don’t look any more like old-smelly outdated stores but digital platforms like Rent the Runway where you have a wide option when you want something special or trendy.

How many of us have in their closet a lovely expensive dress that we were able to wear once or twice either because “I wore it already” or “I didn’t have the occasion to wear it again”.  With the renting option you don’t have to invest a big amount for a dress or commit to a bad purchase.

Some of us might not be so used to the idea of not-owning something or buying used, but the reality we live nowadays shows us that change is constant (and urgent in some cases) and we must evolve in the way we think and consume to be able to live in a better a planet and be our-better selves.

So, #WearTheChange and set the statement.

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