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Outfit ideas for New Year's Eve 2021.

Elizabeth marin

Posted on December 10 2020

Outfit ideas for New Year's Eve 2021.


We want to call it “The rollercoaster year” because it felt like 2020 was never going to end. From social movements that shook many of us around the world, political craziness all over the everywhere and (we don’t even want to mention it, but...) what about The Pandemic? A year that made us dream about travelling and meeting in person with our loved ones. 2020 is to be remembered but hopefully is to get over it soon! 

It has not been easy at all… let’s be honest. This year put most of us on the edge of taking tough decisions, it tested our relationships with people, food, and work; we changed some of our habits or maybe we just found the perfect time to think of reinventing ourselves. 

A year to learn, grow, see things from a different perspective and give them the right weight. At Monlux, we believe that those are perfect reasons to celebrate, honor the journey, and an opportunity to look back on ourselves and scan how much we have changed in these last 11 months. How lucky we are for being healthy and have our loved ones closer to us even if we are distant in space.
This was the when the planet got the attention of human beings, Pajamas became the trend and the kitchen finally went from untouched to used. This NYE we need to celebrate for being able to make it healthy through 2020, mentally and physically! That’s why there are even more reasons to dress to impress yourself, feel good and tell yourself how amazing you are. You made it! You earned it! You deserve it!

So, let’s pop that bottle, feel proud and cheer for better times to come, while we put our best fashion for in the New Year’s Eve. And enter this 2021 with all the confidence in the world, baby. You got this…
Here we bring you our Monlux 5 New Year’s Eve best outfit ideas (but please always remember the best outfit is to be and feel like your-wonderful-self).


1. The keyword for New Year’s Eve dress code is sequin, sequin and sequin: 

Black is a true ever-fashionable staple, so this New Year’s Eve is a perfect reason for Black Sequin. Shine baby, shine! Or sequin and gold… yes please!! Golden and metallic colors is one the trends of this winter 2020/2021.

Black sequin outfit for new year's eve 

Golden colors trends

2. Velvet love:

Red is one of the colors for this fall/ winter 2020, and we love this shade dark or shinny earth burnt henna. Its deep shade works particularly well especially in suede or velvet.

We can’t deny it, we hopelessly love party velvet, so this bright green with wide shoulders in 80’s style is perfect to pop up the bottle.

Source: Glowsly.com


green velvet vintage

Source: Glowsly.com

3. Oversized thick knitted and boots:

If you are celebrating NYE in a cold place you can opt for a thick knitted oversize sweater or dress. Following an 80’s look is probably a good time to wear again or get those vintage pre-loved slouchy boots to complete a monochromatic retro look.

Sustainable fabrics trends

Source: instyle.es 

4. Slip dress for a more summer-like NYE:

For a different shade of red and a more minimalist look (and a warmer weather) try a slip dress, this fits the bill for any occasion, especially if you like the minimalist meets effortless Kate Moss vibe for this NYE.

silk trend new years eve outfit Source: Getty Images

5. This 2020 winner: Pajamas!

In case you wish to honor the most wear piece of this 2020, and close this year in style and feel fabulous, you can opt for a two-piece set of satin pajamas. This year is completely allowed!!!

pajamas fashion

Source: Getty Images.

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